Monday, January 31, 2011

My B- Day

Now that I have kids I dont enjoy as much talking or putting pictures about my own bday anymore,But in this case I just had to show the cute card(cute to me because they are specially made with my boys hand:)to me this card are even better then the ones they can buy at the store:)That saturday morning while I was still in bed they got up and made this cards,later that afternoon we went out to eat,and went to this huge store where they have everythyng in the world.(no pictures I fotgot to take my camera in)My boys and hubby made my day special I would have not asked for a better day...Thank you Lord for allowing me to live another year!!
Eli'S card

Zeke's Card

The outside of hubby's card :)Inside it said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE" aww how sweet is that, I just love my family ,my little family that God has blessed me with!!!

Swiss Roll Anyone????yes this was soo good my hunny got this to celebrate at home just the 4 of us,this is a huge version of the little debbie Swiss Roll.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blow the Cake!!

The week of his birthday we started singing Happy Birthday to him.I guess he remembers from Zeke's birthday that you suppost to blow the candle because everytime we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY he would say "BLOW THE CAKE" and he sure did on his birthday we blew the candle,he loved it he had a great time with all of his little friends... he loves trains so we had a THOMAS THE TRAIN birthday party!!!

He loves to open "PEPENS"(presents)and Loves to eat Cake specially with his favorite character!!!we are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us to celebrate one more year with our little precious little boy and be a part of his special day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eli is 2

Last time I posted in my blog Eli was only a few months old,Wow time past soo quick and he now turned 2 years old last week!!Zeke and I took him out that morning to steak and shake he enjoyed it specially the big dessert the waitress gave him.

That night daddy,zeke and I took him to Red Robin where the waitresses sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him and gave him a big Ice cream!!!Next post will be of Eli's Birthday party that we celebrated that weekend!!!So thankful for our little Boy!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

After all this time

Hellooooooooooo I am backkkk I realize after a year how much I miss bloggin I miss sharing events in my life,the growing of my kids and just thoughts that come to my mind!!!I will be back to blogging and hoping to stay here for a while..Thank you for passing by and please leave comments or questions you have!!!!!!!!!I am sooo glad to be back in the life of Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!