Monday, July 28, 2008

Precious Memories!!

Today you turn 23 months one month left before your second birthday,it seems like you were just born yesterday,I remember that excited day when I holded you in my arms,we totally fell in love with you from the first second we saw you.You were soo little and adorable i will never forget that day,from that day on you were and still are the most precious thing God has bless your daddy and me.WE LOVE YOU SOO MUCH BABY you are so cute,smart,but specially you have the best personality.
I am still deciding what's going to be the theme in your birthday party maybe ELMO or it might be CARS you love both; Daddy and I will try to give you the best party ever for your second birthday. Here is a slideshow that I made with some pictures of your first few months with us.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

With the Marquez Family

The marquez family has been such a great blessing to us He is the pastor of a spanish church,we met them in 2006 when we came to Arizona for the first time for our survey trip,since then we have been in contact with them.Last friday we went to their house to eat and have some time together ,the food was great we had a great time with them specially Zeke that loves to play with the kids,they played inside with lots of toys,played outside with sand,He just love sto spend time with them(sorry this is the only pictures i took)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweet Prayers

ok Zeke has been saying his prayer before meals and before bed since he was like 4 months but it wasn't till he was 18 months that he actually started reapeating the prayer after us just keep in mind that he still not saying some words clear or the full word. well he will always pray: 'esus thak' you,wou you, night night, amen.
Last weeks it was very sweet Jeremi was praying and said Lord help Zeke sleep throught the night in his bed (He usually sleeps till 3:00 am in his bed then he wants to come get with us in our bed)anyways Zeke turn around put his hand together closed his eyes and said:'esus no bed,no bed please...We thought it was so sweet that a almost 2 year old would know that praying to Jesus it would help him and do it all for him.We hope he stays like that and become a great man of prayer.Now when he prays he says all the names that he can think of and even prays for my parent dog and two fishes that he had and died few months ago.WHAT A SWEET AND SMART LITTLE BOY.

News from Centerpointe Baptist Church

The Lord is doing big things in our church It seems like every sunday He brings Visitors to our church,this past sunday we had two young guys which one of them had already come before and he also comes in our thursday service once in a while,At night we also had another young guy that came to hear the word of God.Please pray for this guys that God continues to give them the desire of coming back to hear the word of God..their name are:Kyle,Jared,Jarin and Jacob.
God continues to put his hand upon us giving us everything that we need in the church so far and molding us in the way that we will be a great blessing to our church and our community.Please continue to pray for our pastor Jimmy,our assistent pastor Jeremi,and the Song leader Matthew,and for us too Deborah,Priscilla,and Juana that we be the ladies that Please God and the Woman that our husband needs.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Little Accident!!!

Yesterday it was a very rough afternoon for zeke,While we were at church he felt hit the chair and gash his right eyebrow,He was bleeding pretty bad,we thought we were gonna have to take him to the hospital to have some stitches but fortunately the blood stopped quick, Deborah and I went to walmart to buy thing to treat the wound and make Zeke feel better.We thank God that it was only something little (for us not for zeke)and not something very serious,Help us pray that he will heal soon and that God continues to protect him everyday because I am sure this will not be the last time that happens to him as active he is.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Today we took zeke for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a whoever dressed like a cow got a Free meal so Zeke did. He looks sooo cute dress in Cow Nana made the spots for the Cow and the ears,she did a great Job, and Daddy made the the Sign and the Tail which it was fun trying to figured out a way to make the tail but it came out to be good.Zeke had alot of fun shaking the cow's hand and course enjoying his kids meal, we sure did enjoyed the day with our little boy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Look!!

I just want to thank mrs.ali from mission field design for the great job she did in my blogspot,The colors and the header looks great,God bless you and Thank you soo much again.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Visitors!!!

This past sunday we had such a great sunday in our church in the morning we heard preaching from my father-in-law about PRAYER and at night we heard preaching from my husband about HAVING A RIGHT HEART,both of the preaching were a big blessing,but we also had 2 new visitors in the church a Daughter and a Mom please pray for all the visitor we had coming to the church that they would have the desired to comeback and hear the word of God.And pray that we bring more people to know Jesus christ as their saviour.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Prayers for Yesica!!

While we were still in deputation we visited a church in texas,we stayed there for 2 weeks,Jeremi worked in their sound system (which many of you know that he used to work in a radio station before he got in ministry so he knows alot about that),anyways i helped in VBS for the whole week,while i was there between church and VBS i meet this girl who was working in VBS too,we clicked inmediately she even took us to mexico,we exchange phone numbers and emails before I left;I really thought well how many churches i have been and exchange information with ladies and we never talk ever again?But with Yesica it was diferent few weeks later i got a call from her then i called her back to make the story short its been 1 year and we still in contact all the time.This past may she came to Visit us and she was anxious to see the new ministry we are doing,she went to visitation with us and was very excited about what God is going to do in her life we had a great time but we also got to answer alot of her questions that she had about the Bible,she definitely want to be in the ministry full time.So please just pray for her that God will show her what he wants her to do.She is in college and work so between the both of them she dont have as much as time for the ministry or nobody that will spend time with her teaching her or somebody that will encourage her.Pray that if its God's will she would go to BIBLE COLLEGE next year after she graduates.And also pray that God will keep this young girl in his will and Use her life in a mighty way.(And while you are praying just add a Godly husband for her hhaha she probably kill me but we need to pray for a PRINCE CHARMIN).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who Am I?

How many times we take salvation lightly?I do it alot of times sometimes i forget the great sacrifice that the Lord Jesus did for me. but who am i that the Lord died for me,who am i that the Lord continues to bless me abundantly without deserving it, I am nobody with out Him am just a young lady that has being blessed over and over by the mercy of God. Who knows where would I be right now if somebody never came to me and told me about a great God we have. Thank God everyday for your salvation and for what he does every day for you.My husband also loves this song is one of his favorites because makes him think of why God chose him to go to other people and preach the gospel and be a witness of what God can do in peoples life.