Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Clanton!!

well,I am sorry it took me so long to post this ultrasounds that I promise to post like two weeks ago,but here they are.
My pregnancy so far is going good i am now almost 19 weeks,I am still NOT showing alot I am in that stage where I cant wear my skirts anymore because they are tight in my weist but I also cant wear maternity clothes because is to big and I look like i am wearing my grandmothers clothes. but no surprise like i said with the last pregnancy i didn't start looking pregnat till I was almost 7 month,and even now I get all the time "you dont look pregnant "well yeah I am almost 5 months.Anyways i will be having another ultrasound next friday just keep me and the baby in your prayers please.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My baby boy is 2 today!!

We are so thankful to God for allowing us to have this little blessing in our lives.Zeke is his dad's and mine adoration and joy,we have so much fun with our precious little boy,He has a sweet and lovable personality we would not trade anything in this world for our son.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Blogger!!

hello,I just want to let everybody know that my husband has a blogger of his own now.He is pretty much using it for ministry and church and things like that,and I use my more for family info. anyways here is his address if you would like to add it to your list:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thanks Aunt (Gaga) Jessica

Aunt gaga sent me 60 dollars for my birthday

She also sent me a CARS card that plays the movie song!!

ahhh, she bought me my uutfit that i am wearing on my birthday party!thank you soo much!!

The Mercy

I received this mail from one of my cousins i hope you enjoy it like i did:
The Mercy (from Captured By Grace by David Jeremiah, pp. 22-23)

At the heart of the mystery is an essential concept: the idea of mercy. We must understand grace, at least within the limits of our comprehension; we must understand mercy. And we must be clear on how the two ideas intersect.
We often use the words as if they are synonyms – one and the same. In fact, there are passages in the New Testament that make that appear to be so. A few scholars have put forward the neat and simple proposition that the Old Testament uses mercy while the New Testament speaks of grace.
The truth is more elusive, like the words themselves. Think of it this way: Mercy is God withholding the punishment we rightfully deserve. Grace is God not only withholding that punishment but offering the most precious of gifts instead.

Mercy withholds the knife from the heart of Isaac.
Grace provides a ram in the thicket.

Mercy runs to forgive the Prodigal Son.
Grace throws a party with every extravagance.

Mercy bandages the wounds of the man beaten by the robbers.
Grace covers the cost of his full recovery.

Mercy hears the cry of the thief on the cross.
Grace promises paradise that very day.

Mercy pays the penalty for our sins at the cross.
Grace substitutes the righteousness of Christ for our wickedness.

Mercy converts Paul on the road to Damascus.
Grace calls him to be an apostle.

Mercy saves John Newton from a life of rebellion and sin.
Grace makes him a pastor and author of a timeless hymn.

Mercy closes the door to hell.
Grace opens the door to heaven.

Mercy withholds what we have earned.
Grace provides blessings we have not earned.

A moment of grace can change a lifetime. In fact, a moment of grace can change an eternity.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Zeke's Birthday party,its now till the 28th but being on a thursday we decided to celebrate it the 22nd.He had a blast with all the kids and all his presents.I will post more pictures in the next few days.


I just want to take this moment to thank God for his many Blessing that pours out in our lives,and for the wonderful family he has giving me,an awesome lovely husband, a sweet,healthy little boy,and for our little baby on the way!!There is just so many reasons to give thanks to the Lord Specially for our salvation and for placing us where we are right now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coloring Time

One of Zeke's favorite thing is to color.

Look at his work!!

He colored his Shoe

And his face too!!

10 days before your 2nd birthday now!


Here is a video of Zeke that i being wanting to post.He has being whistling since he was like 10 months.Enjoy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Steve Curington’s Testimony

Reformers Unanimous was started by a remarkable man with an amazing testimony of the power of God to heal a broken life. This is his story; please read it, I know it will encourage you!

Most people would say I had the perfect upbringing. My Christian family attended church nearly every Sunday and put me through Christian school. However, within two years after graduation, I was hopelessly addicted to cocaine and alcohol. How in the world could something like this happen to someone like me?

Addiction had stripped me of all my self-esteem, a prosperous career, and crippled me with debt. At the age of 28, I nearly died in a drunk driving accident. With a punctured lung quickly drowning me in my own blood, I cried out to God, “I don’t want to die!” My memory went blank after that point.

A lifesaving call by an unknown woman to 911 rescued me from death. Later, I would discover the reasons for God’s divine intervention that night.

As I lay in a hospital bed for over a week, no one I ever drank or used drugs with came to visit me. None of my so-called friends came to see me. The only one who came and visited me was a former Sunday School teacher from my old church. He gave me a Bible and asked me to read it. He told me to start in the book of John. In this book, God shows us how much He loves us. When I got to John 8:32, I read, “And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” At that moment, I remembered a verse that I had memorized as a youth – John 14:6– where Jesus said “…I am the Truth.” I realized for the first time that if Jesus is the Truth, then John 8:32 actually meant that if you know Jesus, then Jesus will make you free!

My first step was to get back in church. After I left the hospital, I visited the church where I worshipped as a child. That is where God began to change my life. I got assurance of my salvation. I was no longer “lost.” I had been “found.” Over the course of about six months of learning, God began removing my addictions. I then began teaching a Bible study that ballooned to over two hundred people per week. I wrote a complete addiction recovery curriculum teaching the things I learned in those months. Other churches started their own “chapters” of our Bible study format called Reformers Unanimous. Now, we have hundreds of chapters in churches across America. Each Reformers Unanimous teaches the steps that lead to blessings from God. For me, those blessings consist of a beautiful wife, our precious children, a debt-free lifestyle, a career that led me to an executive position in the petroleum industry, and now, founder and president of the fastest growing, faith-based addictions program in America. God has done all of this. The best I could do for myself was a life crippled by addiction, debt, and misery. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. The lady who saved my life by calling 911– she ended up being the mother of the young lady I met and eventually married after I went back to church. Wow! God is greater than all my sin!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Walk in the word!!

Few weeks ago we were listening to the christian radio like usual but this morning was a little different Zeke was listening to whatever they were saying very closely,He heard the precher introduction in a song called WALK IN THE WORD since then he walks around the house singing the song.He is a little bit of the video I took.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ultrasound!!(Not sure of the gender yet)

Yesterday I went to the doctor to have an ultrasound and Lab work,Thank God everything went well its a very nice doctor's office and everybody is so nice and friendly,anyways it was so exciting seeing our baby moving and seeing all his little parts and listening to his heart beat,it was a very active baby,which is not a surprise because we have one already like that(I will be posting some ultrasound pictures as soon as I can).
During the ultrasound the nurse said that still kind of early to say for sure if its a boy or a girl but it looks almost so clear that its a !!Boy!!like I said we won't know for sure till September 5,when am going back to the doctor for another ultrasound which this one will definitelly tell us the gender.Jeremi is already so excited about having two boys to wrastle around and watch the Georgia Football and Zeke keeps saying:!! baby brother ,baby brother!!Well keep praying please that everything continues going good with me and the baby.. soon I will be posting about it and tell you for sure if its a boy or a girl.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

16 weeks Pregnant

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Upps!! I bought it

Today it was a good day I spent the morning with my husband and Zeke,And this Afternoon I went off with my in-laws we had a great time,First we went to do a little bit a shopping and buy a little bit of scrapbook stuff,We also went to wal-mart and target to look for a birthday present for Zeke but while we were there I found the cutest clothes for Baby girls on sale and guess what..Yes I did I bought it I am not sure what it is yet but everybody believes is a girl so it was a Blind Buy. If it is not a girl I be taking everything back which it be totally fine with me because it really dont mattter what I have as longest is healthy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Boy or Girl???

We are very excited and can't wait till next thursday August 14,I am having an ultrasound which we will see the gender of the baby(that means I be able to start buying stuff).Since that's such a special appointment to the doctor my mother-in-law will be going with us,Zeke will be there too to see his little brother or little sister...Prease pray that everything goes well with the that they are doing the same day.!!I WILL BE LETTING YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS SOON!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Zoo in Zeke's House

Since few months ago Zeke started to be interested in animals everytime he would go to the store with nana She would buy him horses (which he absolubly loves horses)dinosaurs,and course his daddy and i has bought him elephants,lions,horses,tigers ets..Now he has alots of animals that he loves he goes around the house making the sounds of every animal and he even pretends to be the lions and stars chasing us around the house,But thats not all everytime he goes out of the house he takes two to play everywhere he goes.He definitely loves animals.


Zeke loves to get in the kithchen and help daddy cook when Jeremi is making breakfast.yes that's Jeremi's speciality lol.Every time Zeke sees his daddy in the kitchen he starts asking for his apron.He is our little Chef,So he are some pictures of them in the kitchen.