Friday, August 28, 2009

3 already?I can't believe it

It seems like it was yesterday when we were awaiting the arrival of my first little boy,I remember from the day we found out I was expecting till the moment I went to the hospital and held my baby boy for the first time:)we were so excited to be having this little blessing in our life.(sorry this is the only pic.I found in my computer of Zeke being a new born)

I remember my little boy standing up and walking for the first time.he brought us so much joy by experiencing every day of his life!

we remember his first Smile and the fact that he was always in a good mood(he still is)he has the best little personality!

This is him now after 3 years he is growing to fast but I am glad and thankful that I have enjoyed every minute of his life..God has been so good to us he gave us this little treasure 3 years ago and all we want to do is give it back to God and allow him to do great things in his life for his glory and honor.

btw we are taking Zeke to his first diamondbacks baseball game tonight and tomorrow we are having a little birthday party for him:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

visit to Georgia

More of our little visit to the South during the month of june,we had good time visiting family and friends speially after months of seeing each other.

we went to eat at Zaxby's a good restaurant that we dont have here in Arizona:)

I think Zeke's favorite part of the trip other that riding the plane was that he had alot of little kids to play with he misses being around other little people like him to run and play:P)
Good fellowship with friends and family after church.Something you really miss when you are starting a new church!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pic.with Family in AL.

We had a great time with my family in Alabama ME and the boys when a week earlier before the wedding so we could spend time with everybody.

Zeke Loved to spend time with uncle Juan they had a good time together!

Last month was the first time that my Family got to meet little Eli since he has been born.