Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy birthday Jimmy!!!

Yesterday it was a special day for us it was jeremi's dad 50 birthday we had the opportunity of cooking and making a cake for him between church services,we had a great time but specially zeke with the cake he really enjoyed it.he dreamed with the cake all day we told him to tell papa HAPPY BIRTHDAY and all he could said was papa CAKE, CAKE..Thank God for Zeke's papa he loves him sooo much.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

One More Month!!!

I just wanted to share with you that zeke is 22 months today and He can't wait to turn 2 soon,He loves to blow the candle,but specially he loves it when we tell him to bite the cake he keeps biting the cake over and over.I know you might be thinking why post just months usually is years well is because I want to thank the Lord for for my little boy's health and Praise Him because he gave zeke 22 months of life.God IS SOOO MIGHTY AND GOOD TO US.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Clanton on the way!!!

You have only being 9 weeks inside of me !!wow!!it seems like forever before you be with us but its ok because zeke and Daddy never goes a day with out talking to you.It's just to cute seeing zeke everynight pushing his daddy's head to my stomach and saying to his daddy."DADDA SAY I LOVE YOU" and then i hear zeke saying "I LOVE YOU BABY" and then kisses on my stomach.That is just to sweet i know zeke can't wait for the baby to get here and be the big brother,we know he will be a big help because he loves kids and he is a such a sweet little boy.ZEKE HAS A SWEET AND TENDER SPIRIT.God blessed us soo much with our zeke we are so thankful for Him.Daddy (Jeremi)loves to kiss on you(my stomach) and say: "hey baby this is Daddy I love you."You can tell they are anxious to have you with us.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Much Love!!

We came home from Alabama the same day Terry came to visit from georgia (for those who dont know terry is jeremi's cousin)the last time zeke saw terry was 6 months ago.But the first moment he saw terry he would hug her,kiss her,and even hold her hand to make it short He loved to spend time with terry playing and loving on her,that was such a sweet thing to see zeke doing that and course terry loved every minute of it.He is a Sweet lovable little boy...Zeke was sad when terry left but am sure they will see each other again and enjoy the time together again.TERRY THAT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for zeke.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our 3rd Aniversary

June 11,2005 It seems like yestoday that we just got married time flies so fast!! i cant believe its being three wonderful years by the man that God has giving me.I thank God for the wonderful husband i have by my side,and not just a wonderful husband but a great man of God He loves God with all of his heart and i know God will use him in a mighty way.THANKS BABY FOR LOVING ME THE WAY YOU LOVE ME...Now am going to share with you our day we didnt do much because like alot of you know i have been sick with this pregnancy .We went to CHEESECAKE FACTORY (we left zeke with my mother-in-law)to eat, we talk alot about us and talk about how God put us togerher we know we are made for eachother!!He got me a dozen of roses and a very sweet card telling me that everyday he loves me even more and more.i have no daubd i am marry to my PRINCIPE AZUL.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello Everyone and thanks for taking the time to come and visit my blog.Please feel free to comment or ask whatever you would like to know about our ministry and life here in arizona.

God Bless you!!

Jeremi,Juana,and Zeke