Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpking Patch

Yesterday We took Zeke and Eli to the pumpkin patch, We started the tradition ever since Zeke was 2 months old (his first Fall), My boys enjoy it so much as they get to walk in the pumpkin patch and pick their own pumpkin..Zeke picked a BIG pumpkin, he says he wants to carve it and also wants me to make him a "Pumpkin Pie" LOL
Eli picked a little one :)I love to see my boys enjoying the little things in life as we make Family Memories!!!!
Enjoy the pictures!! Note: It was very windy and when the wind blew it was COLD (the reason we were wearing sweaters :)


Priscilla Gerard said...

Cute pics!! :) Let me know if you make the pumpkin pie. LOL :)

Jeremi Clanton said...

I will post the recepi and my final results as soon as I finish making it!!